DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Our quality assurance has high quality measuring and testing equipment as well as CAQ - systems (AQS) at its disposal.

Our aim is to fullfill the expectations of our customer demands on our products, employees and suppliers. This is documented in the certification of our quality management system acording to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

But: “No product nor process is so good that it could not be improved.”

Due to a continuous improvement process (CIP), employee training and investments into modern technique, we steadily work on improving ourselves further. For the benefit of our customers.

Thanks to our proficient personnel we are able to meet even short-term deadlines with constant quality.

DIN EN ISO 9002:1994

Quality principles - politics

  • Customer tailored solutions and constant ongoing development of our QM-system are the highest priorities of our company.
  • Product quality is supposed to be even higher than requested by our customers.
  • Prevention of errors is prior to fault finding.
  • Specifications of stakeholders (employees, authorities, legislators etc.) are considered by us.